About Us

Meet the founder and instructors

Founder - Lanny Reed

The Golden Dragon was founded in Williamsport, Pennsylvania in 1970 by Lanny Reed. Lanny started his martial arts training in the U.S. Air Force (1967) in Judo and Shorinji Ryu Karate. He competed in the USAF World Wide Judo Championships placing 4th & 5th.

He has continued his martial arts training ever since, holding Black Belt rank in several styles of martial arts. In 1973 he started the Pennsylvania State Judo Championships in Williamsport. He has a staff of dedicated, well-trained martial arts instructors.

Lanny has been a law enforcement investigator for 38 years and police trainer for over 43 years, retiring from both the Williamsport Police Dept. and the Lycoming County District Attorney’s Office. He retired as Chief County Detective.


Sensei - David Agama

David first started his training in California in Tae Kwon Do at age 15 under Grand Master Chang Pak Kim. After getting his black belt he started to test his skill by sparring with friends and other martial artists. It was there that he traded knowledge with other differently skilled practitioners and found Wing Chun. He studied under his Sifu Kevin Paul and expanded his skill set. Again like before, as David started to test his skill in sparring he ran into a D1 level wrestler. After being dominated in grappling he decided to enroll in Judo.

Competitively, David has competed under the Judo Rule set, achieving multiple medals at the local and National levels. He is currently a Nidan (Second Degree) Black Belt

David started training at Golden Dragon in 2020 and as of August 2022 was made head instructor to continue Judo, martial arts, and the Golden Dragon’s legacy alive. He brings 20 years of experience.

Muay Thai Coach - Cody Warhurst

Coach Cody brings nearly a decade of Muay Thai training and knowledge from the west coast to Golden Dragon Academy. With an emphasis on self-improvement, teamwork, and accountability, Cody’s teaching methodology is meant to bring out the best in each of his students both in the gym and outside of the gym. Each of Cody’s lessons are centered around repetition and volume, cardio, and good fundamentals. 
Outside of Golden Dragon, Coach Cody is a biochemist and financial advisor and when he isn’t teaching or training, he can usually be found walking in the woods, enjoying nature with his wife and two young boys.

No-Gi Judo Coach - Sean Ferry

Sean began his training in 2004 under John Powell in Shotokan Karate. He joined the Navy in 2008 and was stationed in San Diego, California. During Patrolman School he discovered that the techniques that were taught for restraint and defense were actually from Judo. It peaked his interest so he found the nearest dojo, White Dragon on Imperial Beach and eventually earned his Shodan. While in service he continued to broaden his skill set practicing multiple martial arts under the MMA rule set.

Coach - Bryan Davenport

Bryan began training at the age of four in Goshin Jutsu Karate, under George Bierman for approximately two years, soon after bean training under his father who was a Navy kickboxer, where he learned both Muay Thai and American kickboxing. He did this for six years where he then began a focus on just boxing. By age thirteen the MMA scene began to grow, this is where the interest in combat sport through MMA began, he also began wrestling in high school. He trained MMA learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other grappling techniques but continued his growth in Kickboxing styles focusing on Muay Thai and by the time he was sixteen he took his first Amateur fight in the LFC out of Indiana. This was the start of his MMA career at the age of eighteen when he became a pro fighter. Bryan eventually began a career in Law Enforcement, where he became a D.O.C. Defensive Tactics/AMAC Instructor, and a M.OA.B (Management of Aggressive Behavior) Instructor. Bryan enjoys growing and teaching others to become better and overcome obstacles. He brings a total of approximately 29 years experience in martial arts.